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Planting the learning forest with pupils of the Planina pri Sevnici Primary School

17. 4. 2021

I was taught that in case you wish a change in your life, you need to start implementing it with yourself.
That is why we started planting trees first in our hometown with the pupils of the Planina pri Sevnici Primary School. We planted learning forest with indigenous tree species.

In the past, people planted trees at the birth of a child, at important events in the family, at key events in their village. We planted them on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the company Montpreis and at the 50th anniversary of the Planina pri Sevnici Primary School and in cooperation with the Planina pri Sevnici Local Community.

    We organised. We invited also the local district forester from the Slovenia Forest Service. We received a planting plan and started the project. In April, we planted over 50 trees and shrubs and made a Learning Forest. Trees were planted by the employees of the company, by all the pupils of the Primary School Planina pri Sevnici and their teachers. Local companies, such as Temelj d.o.o., joined with their support at carrying out the earthworks as some of the trees were really big. Also the Local Community joined and added the cherry seedlings. In this way each class of pupils got its own cherry tree. Volunteers took part and throughout the whole summer the trees were watered even by the firemen of the Planina pri Sevnici Volunteer Fire Brigade.

    The project was co-financed by the company Montpreis d.o.o.,


    We chose the trees with the greatest happiness and joy. Some of them were so big that even large construction machinery was included in the planting.

    Growth and maintenance

    Throughout the whole summer trees have been watered by the firemen of the Planina pri Sevnici Volunteer Fire Brigade and in agreement with the Planina pri Sevnici Local community, with the help of Mr. Zvone. . A sincere thanks go to the secretary of the Planina pri Sevnici Local Community, Mr. Martin Luskar, who constantly coordinated, calmed down and help with the organisation.

    The trees flourished and are there because of all the people who helped in various ways to the successful realisation of this project.

    17. 4. 2021

    After the year-long project I am able to say, that happiness and emotions I feel when watching the photos which I receive from the teachers of the Planina pri Sevnici Primary School, this time from Vesna Vodeb, are indescribable, everlasting and the sense of perfection that we managed to bring nature closer to children also in this way as well, IT IS WHAT GIVES ME STRENGTH AND LOVE for all the future projects.

    May there be many such carried out projects. It is not difficult, we only need to organise some pieces that have fallen apart in today’s pace of life and bring them together into a whole, into the green connection.